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15th October 19
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Mental Health and Well-being

Mental Health First Aid


Mental health is as important as physical health.  Mrs Teachen, the Headteacher, has undertaken training in the nationally recognised qualification delivered by Mental Health First Aid England and is fully qualified in Mental Health First Aid.

School has a Mental Health and Well-being Policy

School are committed to promoting and supporting positive mental health in everyone involved in school life.

Our aim is:

  • to increase awareness of mental health issues
  • reduce stigma and discrimmination
  • promote recognition of symptoms
  • signpost to professional help

How we promote mental health and well-being for pupils

  • Qualified counsellor who provides weekly sessions for pupils who may need support.
  • Daily meditation at the start of every day.
  • Daily mile at lunchtime to increase fitness, blow-off steam.
  • We teach children about their mental health - their feelings and how to deal with them through use of HEADSSUP programme.
  • Use of HeartSmart programme to promote resilience, wellbeing and healthy relationships to create strong mental health.
  • Teaching Growth Mindset strategies such as use of affirmations and visualisations.
  • Weekly Yoga, as part of the curriculum. Yoga Afterschool Club.
  • Bob, school dog, who loves being petted and cared for.  He also loves being read to.
  • Weekly mindfullness clubs such as sewing, knitting and colouring.
  • Cup of Kindness sent between home and school.
  • Guardian Angel support system for staff.